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  • I am not me

    Cleanup, part 2

    February 29, 2012 by I am not me

    I've finished cleaning up the vast majority of the irrelevant questions on this site. It's quite possible some fell through the cracks, so feel free to tag them with where needed.

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  • I am not me

    For anyone who still visits this site, I am the new admin. I found this wiki in a state of disrepair, and volunteered to adopt it in order to fix it up and make it useful again. If anyone has new ideas for the development of this site, I would love to hear them. My basic plans so far are:

    • Clean up the irrelevant questions that have made it onto the site in the past months.
    • Work on getting as many pages categorized as possible.
    • Customizing the skin and main page as necessary (this is where I could really use input)

    I look forward to working with any newcomers or old users who wish to return.

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