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First time through Ivory Peaks it won't be up, (is not available until you complete the Numor Mines event) (There is a chance Ruler of the Dawn will be up so make sure to keep an eye out for that flying bug as he is an achievment and doesn't respawn) you'll have to wait til later on though when the mobs have a chance to be slightly harder. You can zone in and out of Ivory Peaks and the initial three raptors normally the left one is asleep when the mobs are low level and the beast will not be up. If all three are awake though there is a chance Bloodthirsty Beast is up. Here is how to check. Run past the first three raptors you can easily avoid them and look at that first ledge to the right on top, if there is no big plant, eye mob, wyvern's, or demon there, then one of the rare monsters are up. If your lucky which 75 odd tries for me shows you how my luck runs, its the beast. Either way run down the road looking and tabbing around to see if there is any rare spawns up top. There is a flying wyvern looking guy, there is another bug up top, and another bug in the west by the remnant, and there is a chance for the ruler. If none of those are up then go down to the end of the road near the exit out of the zone there is a little ledge looking off to the west. Bloodthirsty Beast spawns in that lower area and you can see if hes there from the ledge without having to run down. So to sum up. Zone in til three raptors are awake No bigger then average monsters like eye or demons etc... Then check all the rare spawn points if the first two are true One of the rares should be up, and repeat that til the rare that is up is the beast you want.

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