Welcome to Wikianswers Xbox. What would you like to know?

1) Go to

2) Click- Sign In (The button the top right corner)

  • There should be a page with entering your login info

3) Next to the info it should have a box that has "Lets Play! Join Xbox Live Today!" — enter in your email address and click "JOIN NOW"

4) Now Enter in your Info in the boxes.... as you scroll down you should see a box with "Gamertag" Enter in you name of choice (be sure to make it one you want for sure otherwise it cost 800 Microsoft points ($10USD) — Press "I Accept"

Congratulations! (you made a Xbox Live Silver Account)

5) Now go on your Xbox 360, find "Join Xbox Live" (the easiest way to do this is to press the middle button of the controller) and go through the pages until you find "Join Xbox Live"

6) Follow the instructions to hook up your Xbox Live Account to your Xbox 360

  • When you are finished you are almost ready to go

7) To fully use Xbox Live all you need is a Xbox Live card (or hook up your credit card for a automatic monthly payment)

The cost of Xbox Live (GOLD) pre-paid card's are:
  • 1 month 7.99 USD
  • 3 month 19.99 USD
  • 12 month 49.99 USD.

8) Now you're finished — ENJOY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Xbox Live Silver account: it is an Xbox Live account which is free It comes with the features such as Xbox Marketplace, Private Chat (with friends), and many other features.

Xbox Live Gold account: it is a Xbox Live account which costs a monthly fee or requires pre-paid cards such as (1 month, 3 , or 12) the feature or Gold are include all of which silver + online gaming, party chats, messaging chats, exclusive content (such as early demo release, special gaming events, and much much more...)

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