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There are many differences between L4D and its sequel...

Main differences: New survivors (Coach, Rochelle, Ellis, and Nick.)| New Weapons, including Melee weapons | New Setting (southern United States) | New Special Infected mixed with the old ones (Only known new one is called the charger) | Uncommon Common Infected (infected guy in a hazmat suit, invinceable to fire for example) |

Gameplay differences: During daylight, the witch will wander around with unpredictable movements. During the night witch returns to its crying state. | Incindeiary ammo | Gauntlets randomised by the Director | Crescendo moments that don't end unless you press a button or pull a switch... | Partial story explanation | 5 campaigns instead of 4... and they link together like L4D1 was originally intended... | body deformation (shoot an infected in the stomach in the body with a shotgun and you'll possibly make a hole!) |

Those are the main differences on the top of my head...

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