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The Faleria Heart, It has the one hit kill to normal mobs, the drawback is... it does very low damage to Specials and Bosses.

for Swords single hand: Nightbloom Virtutis // dual hand: FrostBlade Virtutis Staffs: Dual handed: Enchanted/Shielding Blackjack, Daedalus Virtutis for Qsiti: Shielding/Enchanted MorningStar for Sovani: Buer Dominus x2// Alphas Dominus x4 for Yama: Shielding/Enchanted BigBang Shields: Aspiss Adamenteus // Damacene based Shields

in short, all gold-purple weapons, purple being the most rare and powerful. most of them are either Enchanted (mystik), or Shielding (attack) or Virtutis ( special weapons like remnant based weapons can be customized to this level, wich increases the power A LOT. )

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